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We represent a group of artists and craftspersons in the great state of Texas and offer their products for sale. Each craftsperson was chosen because she offers a quality item for sale but is too small to have her own site or is too busy to create and manage a website.

Browse quickly to the product you are interested in by clicking on the vendors link in the top navigation bar. Either choose the craftspersons main page or go directly to the product.  Thank you for visiting Texas Greetings.com


Meet the Artists

  • JJPhoto: JJames turns exquistite flower close up shots and landscapes into frameable note cards. . She offers her cards in sets of 10 with envelopes. See her page for slideshows of the cards in each set.
  • Khiba: Khiba is our cook. She makes savory herb mixes to use on Poultry, Lamb and Pork, offering these fresh organic combinations in 1/2 oz bags. She also teaches Paint Shop Pro online and offers her easy to follow tutorials on CDs. One of her new items is Brag Books. These simple but elegant photo holders are very popular for showing off pictures of children and make great gifts for family members.
  • 3D Workshop, Inc. Makes 3D Models for use in rendering programs like Vue d'Esprit and Poser. These digital models will soom be available for sale on this site.





Featured Artist


10 pack with envelopes reg $14.95



JJames is an accomplished freelance photographer offering several notecards collections including 10 gorgeous cards and matching envelopes.


Bragbooks are selling out - Hurry for Christmas Order

clown Need a great little gift for Grandma or a compact photo album to carry in your purse or pocket? Try Khiba's Brag Books. Each 4 1/2" square book opens up to 12 x 24 inches to reveal pictures or anything else you want to include. Make one up of the children from a special event like a Birthday or vacation and send to Aunts, Grandmothers, and other family and friends. Create one for yourself as these are sold in sets of 3. See more...


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